20 crores remuneration for this Tamil hero – The Hans India

When compared to other Tamil heros like Rajnikanth, Suriya, Karthi, Dhanush, etc, Sivakarthikeyan is not a well-noted actor in Telugu but some of the Tollywood producers are now planning to get ready to do high budget movies with him.

In Kollywood, Sivakarthikeyan receives 20 crores as remuneration for his films.

Except for some star heroes, no other hero received more than 15 crores. If to receive that amount, the Hero will have at least 40 crores market.

But Telugu producers are coming forward to make movies with Sivakarthikeyan with 20 crores remuneration. Does he have a 40 crores market in Tollywood?

We have to wait and see if the producers can at least make small profits with him or not.

The complete details of the cast and crew along with the official announcement will be out soon.

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