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Being a parent brings the greatest joy in the world but being a single parent while working full-time brings along some challenges too. You need to get the right balance between your personal and your professional life and you need to make sure that you take out time for yourselves too.
Sounds pretty hectic, right, but at the same time your love for your child and your ambition to ace in your professional life will make you do anything, we know that because that’s what motherhood or fatherhood makes you do.

So if you’re also a single parent and finding it a little hard to manage everything, you can follow the below tips that will help you to manage your routine systematically. In this way, you can nurture your child’s development and take care of yourself too.

Managing Childcare:

#1 Set a schedule for your child

Things get a lot easier when there’s a routine set to it. From having breakfast to getting to bed on time, these small little things will make your child disciplined and will also help you once the routine becomes their habit.

#2 Choose a quality daycare.

It’s necessary to select a quality school for your child, especially when you’re a single parent. To have a productive work life you need to stop focusing on how your child’s being taken care of all the time. And that is done by a good school and a great environment which you will choose.

#3 Know the friend circle:

You need to keep a track of who are your child’s friends because a friend circle affects a lot in a child’s personal development. You might miss noticing some things, but if you would know that your child is with the right group of people, there would be nothing to worry about.

#4 Daily conversations are important

Spend time with your child every day and share with each other, what you two did today and how did your day go. Never let them feel like they are alone or you don’t have time to hear them. Take part in their extracurricular activities whenever you get the time and show your interest in whatever they do.

#5 Build them strong

You being a single parent and managing everything will automatically teach them to grow strong. But still, from time to time, give them values of how life might treat them, and how they need to be strong and confident in facing whatever comes their way.

Managing Worklife

#6 Explain your situation to your boss.

Tell your boss that you being a single parent have to manage everything and at times, you might take some occasional leave if your kids get sick or something comes up. But also tell him/her that you’re equally committed to your job, and that you want them to understand this.

#7 Keep reminders and checklist

You might miss some meetings or some work schedule due to your daily rush. For that try keeping a checklist and set reminders so that you don’t miss out on anything.

#8 Avoid bringing work home

Try not to mix your personal and professional life by bringing your pending work home or taking work calls after getting home also. Be at one place at a time. If you’re home, try focusing just on yourself and your child.

#9 Make friends at work

Don’t be a loner at work. You must talk to people and make friends. It would also help you to catch up at work if you miss out on some days.

Take care of yourself too:

  • Take time to do some yoga or meditation, to keep you calm and strong.
  • Try to take as little stress as possible
  • Don’t just alienate yourself. Keep communicating with people
  • Get regular health checkups
  • Have fun whenever you get time, by doing something which brings joy and happiness to you.


Being a single parent and keeping a healthy balance between personal and professional life is a tough task undoubtedly. But it also makes you self-reliant, strong, and confident which directly affects your child’s development.

So stay strong just the way you are, and we know that you can ace both your personal and professional lives while making a sweet mixture of struggle and ease.

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