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A Nutritional “Plus” For Wellbeing: Tips to boost your health

A Nutritional “Plus” For Wellbeing: Tips to boost your health& 

India is blessed with a huge diversity of diets and culinary practices. In the last 2-3 decades, on account of globalisation and changing work patterns, this diet pattern has changed a lot. As per the Global Nutrition Survey Data, fortunately, we have been successful in countering the undernourishment issue in the society. However, it is no more a news that we are one of the unfortunate leaders in diabetes and lifestyle related diseases, globally.

In the last few years, India has shown some progress towards conquering the diet-related non-communicable disease (NCD) targets but it is not enough. It is estimated that around 5.1 per cent of adult (aged 18 years and over) women and 2.7 per cent of adult men are currently living with obesity. A sudden change in dietary pattern, increased intake of calorie dense foods, increased sedentary lifestyle and stressful mind have all contributed to this major endemic of obesity. It is noteworthy that an imbalanced food pattern also creates a major deficiency of essential nutrients.

Since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, the need for proper nutrition has gained more emphasis, as it made us realize that robust and diverse nutrition not only helps prevent non communicable, lifestyle related diseases but also helps build a strong immunity.

Our daily traditional diet in India mainly consisting of legumes, vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy products, and honey can handle our daily nutritional requirements. However, limited availability of quality agricultural products, geographical limitations and lifestyle issues prevent us from achieving these targets. Some of the major nutrients are deficient in our current diet which impacts our overall wellbeing and thus calls for the need for supplementation. Let us understand these specific nutrients and their importance in these tough time:

Vitamin D: The richest source of vitamin D is natural sunlight. However, because of current work from home, limitations on going out, we are missing out on this natural free source of the important nutrient. Vitamin D has shown major benefits in our body’s defence mechanisms too. We can also source this vitamin from fruits, nuts, milk, soy products, fortified cereals etc.

Vitamin B12: Majority of the Indian population is vegetarian and thus is significantly deficient in Vitamin B12. Some mushrooms, eggs, dairy products do contain Vitamin B12, but it is very less. This is one of the major causes of anaemia in India.

Iron: One of the major deficient nutrients in India especially in growing children is Iron. Iron is especially an important nutrient for the development of healthy blood cells and overall development of the body. Tofu, legumes (lentils, dried peas and beans), wholegrain cereals (in particular, iron-fortified breakfast cereals), green vegetables such as broccoli or Asian greens, nuts, especially cashews, dried fruits such as apricots are some of the important sources of iron.

Dietary fibre: This is one of the most underrated nutrients in the diet. Most of our current food processing practices and fast-food culture makes us deficient in this nutrient. This leads to a major imbalance in the metabolism and can impair the digestion and absorption of other nutrients too. Fresh fruits, green vegetables, whole foods, garlic, onions, bananas, etc. ensure a rich supply of dietary fibre.

Probiotics: The gut microflora or microbiota in our body performs many important functions, right from maintaining metabolism to hormonal balance. Probiotics help nourish this gut flora with a rich supply of healthy, useful microorganisms. However, irrational use of antibiotics, chemical pesticides and poor-quality food disrupts this healthy flora. This becomes a cause of a majority of disorders and creates overall nutritional imbalance. Curd, yoghurt and buttermilk are a particularly good source of these probiotics.

Balancing the supply of all these nutrients in optimum quantity becomes a task by itself as it may lead to over intake of calories which again becomes an issue. Thus, a simplified, uncomplicated, and holistic nutritional supplement may be consumed daily to ensure a rich supply.

Naturamore Plus is one such nutraceutical designed considering these extra needs of the current generation. It is a classical blend of 5 sources of protein (60 per cent of every scoop), 13 vitamins and 10 minerals which are essential for the body. This is further enriched with prebiotics and probiotics, and nutrients like Omega 3 DHA, lutein and zeaxanthin. These phytonutrients are a boost for the eyes and the nervous system, especially in the current tough times. 

Let’s add this nutritional “Plus” to your daily healthy diet, along with an active lifestyle and mindfulness practices for a robust nutrition and healthier life!

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