Adarsh Somani after successful ventures in FMCG sector set to bring about fresh solutions in preventive healthcare segment

Mr. Adarsh Somani being a industrialist is even  a fitness enthusiast, gymnast, a black belt in taekwondo and a parkour enthusiast with a LIMCA BOOK OF RECORD also to his name has been successfully running and bringing about advancement in his PREVENTIVE HeaLTHCARE venture BIGFLEX SPORTS NUTRITION PVT LTD , a COMPANY FOCUSED ABOUT PREVENTIVE HEALTH CARE AND SPORTS NUTRITION. Along with him he has the watchful eye and product innovations of Mr. Sayed Rizwan, an experienced fitness & nutrition industry professional .This duo is planning to deliver innovative nutritional solutions in preventive healthcare solutions to the masses keeping in mind the current raised demand in vitamins , minerals and ayurveda . The duo is all set to bring about positive change in Nutraceutical and Preventive healthcare industry through their Bigflex sports nutrition Pvt ltd with innovative and research based products.

Kopran pharmaceutical a part of Parijat Enterprises has Being a pioneer in the pharmaceutical industry with their Company Bigflex sports nutrition , they are confident and keen on understanding the market needs due to the current situations right now we all are facing in the pandemic and post pandemic time And is determined to meet them with making major advancements , research backed nutrition product in the preventive healthcare segment.

Continuous Effort and Innovation  has always being the mantra of Mr Adarsh Somani . His team has been making constant conscious efforts towards betterment, quality deliverance &  ethics, Along with Mr. Sayed Rizwan who brings fascinating ideas keep in mind the recent research and innovations. which is  making the organization make astounding progress with every passing quarter. The brand CEO mr Sameesh kapoor with Amazing 20YRS+ EXPERIENCE IN FMCG sector and a strong sales acumen are surely set to touch new heights of success Mr. Adarsh Somani by being a director on the board of Oricon industries has gained invaluable experience at huge stages.

Sayed Rizwan

He has launched one of the most successful brand SMYLE mouth ulcer gel in the market with zero competitors in that arena and being a market leader at the same .He has persevered and excelled through these earlier endeavors in FMCG, marketing, and the real estate sectors and is now set to exceed the mark with Bigflex Pvt ltd. It is with these amazing minds, the team has brought more effective and valuable preventive health care products like IMMUNE SHIELD, CURCUMIN EXTRACT, and NATURAL VITAMIN C to their very accomplished SKU line keeping in mind the current pandemic situation and healthcare practices during this lockdown. These products are going to be the benchmark of nutritional products in the preventive healthcare and immunity strengthening nutraceuticals.

With their brand BigFlex (macronutrients ) / PHARMGRADE ( micronutrients ) product lines and  SKU’s which  are planned with future demands and expectations in mind Are committed to make the masses gain immunity , selfcare and strengthen to fight any adversities in terms of viruses and diseases. Mr. Sayed Rizwan with his solid, innovative ideas, vigilant execution, the teams combined understanding of the market and formulation of strategies is on the wayto dynamic progressive change in the nutraceutical and preventive healthcare industry domain.

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