ChalkBoard Academy Pioneers a Changed Path in Foreign Language Education

Chalkboard Academy

Chalkboard Academy

Pune, 10th July 2021: As one of India’s leading EdTech Pandemic Start-ups, disruptors ChalkBoard Academy relaunch their website today while offering unique growth opportunities through languages from all around the world. Be it for students who are looking at learning languages from the aspect of scoring better in school, or for parents who want to introduce different languages from around the world to their children; to even those who are looking at exploring career opportunities in different countries and want to help their resumes stand out, ChalkBoard Academy is quickly becoming a student and teacher favorite!

Having the usual French, Korean, German, and Japanese, ChalkBoard Academy is also offering Arabic, Sanskrit, Dutch, and Mandarin in its course structure. ChalkBoard Academy also offers Indian and American Sign Language. Mohit Lokhande, the Chief Product Officer elaborated, “While the K12 schooling subjects are a major part of our teaching offering, we are actively promoting multiple languages learning from a younger age. It ensures that children learn more languages and cultures.”

“Studies from all over the world have only proven that learning languages add a holistic educational scenario for students. More so, it improves their compassion and empathy. This gives a significant hike to their emotional quotient”, shared Varun Bajpai, the COO at ChalkBoard Academy. Sheetal Ramkumar, an advisor with ChalkBoard Academy, and the CEO of White Globe (one of Asia’s largest Language Service Provides) shared “languages impact perception. We see that every day at White Globe. it would be a good investment to introduce a new language to your child at an early age, they learn better.”

ChalkBoard Academy is also offering experts from all around the world, who live in India, an opportunity to help others learn and grow through their native language. “Chalkboard Academy is a platform to bring languages on common ground. So, if you are looking at experiencing cultures while learning the tongue, or you are looking at sharing your culture by teaching it, we are here for you”, shared Ram Kayarat, the Founder.

Joanna, a Sign Language trainer with ChalkBoard Academy shared, “Working with Chalkboard has been a refreshing experience. They provide student-centered education. They also provide freedom to their teachers to be creative and make the class as engaging as possible. As a company to work with, I have found them to be very understanding and flexible to the needs of both students and teachers.”

ChalkBoard Academy is looking at doubling their student and teacher families in the coming quarter and increasing the number of courses they have under their belt. If you are curious,

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