Delhi: 5 oxygen plants to be installed at 5 hospitals as part of CSR initiatives – The Indian Express

Five PSA-based oxygen plants will be installed at five hospitals of the North and South municipal corporations by next month as part of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

The Petronet LNG Ltd, a public sector undertaking under the ministry of petroleum and natural gas, will install three PSA-based oxygen generation plants at three hospitals of the North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) as part of the corporate social responsibility initiative. As many as 25 beds with oxygen concentrators opened to the public Saturday at the Balak Ram hospital.

The Hindu Rao Hospital, Balak Ram Hospital, and the Rajan Babu Institute of Pulmonary Medicine and Tuberculosis (RBIPMT) will each get a plant with the capacity of producing 1,000 litres per minute.

“The Petronet LNG Ltd will install the 3 plants, and manage its operations. The NDMC will make the necessary civil and electrical engineering instalments, and the site (in the hospitals’ premises) will be decided soon. Hopefully, the plants will be operational by a month’s time,” said commissioner of NDMC Sanjay Goel to The Indian Express.

The three hospitals already have tanks for storing oxygen, which are connected to the beds. “The plants will suck oxygen out of the air and create the oxygen that can be used directly. Each plant can cater to around 300 patients. We are currently waiting for specifications regarding the site plan and build,” said Goel.

“We are in the process of installing the three oxygen plants,” said the mayor of NDMC Jai Prakash to The Indian Express.

The Hindu Rao hospital has 270 beds, of which 15 are ICU beds, and the rest have oxygen support. The RBIPMT has 100 oxygen beds.

“The Balak Ram Hospital opened 25 beds with oxygen concentrators to the public on Saturday, and has the capacity to provide 35 such beds,” Goel said.

Mayor Jai Prakash said in a statement, “Balak Ram Hospital is the third hospital run by the Delhi Municipal Corporation in 25 days dedicated to the public, whereas the Delhi government is unnecessarily reducing the beds crying for oxygen, while we did not let oxygen decrease for a day and now the corporation’s hospital is almost 500 beds are available to fight Covid19 infection in which people are receiving treatment!”

Similarly, at the Tilak Nagar Hospital and the Poornima Sethi Multi Speciality Hospital at Kalkaji under the South Delhi Municipal Corporation, 2 PSA-based O2 plants will be made functional by mid-June.

A spokesperson of the SDMC said, “The Capacity will be 25 NM3 per hour .The PSA based plants will be funded by IGL under CSR initiative with total amount of 88 lakhs.”

Tulsi Joshi, councillor of RK Puram district and deputy chairperson of the standing committee said, “These two plants are part of the CSR initiative with Indraprastha Gas Limited, and I have worked with them in the past for providing the MCD with sanitisation sprays etc. The two hospitals have 100-beds each (with Oxygen supply) for COVID-19 patients, and the oxygen supply will not run out with these two plants. They will be ready by mid-June, and we may add the number of beds too.”

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