Digital Dronacharya is on a mission to transform lives all over the world

Digital Dronacharya has a vision to see things differently. This organization has a vision to see things differently. They take Digital Marketing as a new perspective. These subjects are very vast, which can give substantial amount of earnings to anyone remotely through any digital work. Digital work such as Blogging, transcription or influencer work, and few to name which are trending currently.

Currently there are many work from home opportunities, however, not everyone knows about the same. We just need to deliver the right knowledge to the right people. As per research, compensations are higher where there is shortage in skilled people. So our innovative part is to teach poor children, so that they can earn a significant amount through blogs or by taking projects all over the world from different platforms and provide digital skills all over the world so that people update themselves and be innovative. Digital Dronacharya gives Career Insurance to people & also helps in People to grow their Business. This Organisation helps Corporate and Colleges as well. Corporate Training and College students to enhance themselves digitally and provide earnings while learning opportunities. 

In today’s world, Digital marketing is having a huge demand. It is considered as career insurance for people. While being in the digital world, People can’t deny Digital Skills and learning. Corporate will have a long term opportunity to grow their brand, business worldwide. It is in trend as nowadays none of the business works without digital advertising or branding of their products. Entrepreneurs are nowadays very much interested in learning new skills which help them in expansion.

According to a recent survey, the growing percentage of India’s Digital Advertising Industry is roughly 33.5 and by the end of 2020, its value will exceed the INR 255 Billion marks.

India is one of the latest and largest growing digital markets globally and the scope for digital marketers here will only get on increasing. By the end of the year 2020, in India digital industry will produce more than 20 lakh jobs. The coming years will have more impact of digitization and hence it would be evident in the country’s economy and Digital Dronacharya is on a mission to help people.

About Team: 

Gauri, Founder of Digital Dronacharya, and a Speaker  – Cancer Patient by Chance, Entrepreneur by Heart

In 2016,  Gauri was diagnosed with Cancer & thought life was over but “NO” life actually began after the aftermath. She started pursuing a Digital Marketing Degree course online.  After Finishing Course she started teaching and did Freelance Projects for big companies too and founded a company Digital Dronacharya to help out the people enhance their career like her and live a stable life, to make people understand how this subject can actually change someone’s life.

Akash Sharma, Co-Founder of Digital Dronacharya – Akash Sharma started his journey as a civil engineer but a happening encounter with Digital Marketing seized his interest towards this field. Digital Marketing and entrepreneurship lead him towards surprising future prospects and opportunities. He carries ideas which not only motivate people but also give them vision and out of the box thinking. His goal is to make people understand the importance of digitally advanced civilization and a critical understanding of new-age technology. He wishes to contribute as much as he can towards achieving the ultimate motive of a high-tech India.

Nancy Dilawar (Trainer) (Google Certified Digital Marketing Trainer) – Nancy Dilawar started her Journey in B.Com Honors but a happening encounter with Digital Marketing seized her interest towards this field. Digital Marketing and entrepreneurship lead her towards surprising future prospects and opportunities. Being a Google Certified Professional Trainer she is Now teaching and Changing lives of many people.

Radhika Relan:  Radhika Relan started her journey as a Chartered Accountant and Now after pursuing Digital Marketing from Digital Dronacharya she has started helping people and devoting most of the time to teach poor people and helping people to enhance themselves. We really appreciate that she is changing the lives of many people. 

Digital Dronacharya has already created a lot of successful stories & on a mission to create 1,00,000 more.

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