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Tools for healthy hair habits Photo Credits: Pexels

Tools for healthy hair habits Photo Credits: Pexels& 

Key Highlights

  • Detangling is a healthy hair habit that you must practice everyday
  • Humidifier helps retain hair moisture
  • Scalp massager can help oil penetrate deep down to the roots

If there is one thing most people want more than smooth and flawless skin, then it has to be shiny, healthy and thick hair. However, for both of these things to happen, one has to make it a point to eat right, drink plenty of water and follow a skin/hair care regimen that suits their type. 

Speaking of hair care alone, apart from eating a diet rich with nutrients, drinking adequate liquids, there are also other things that our precious tress needs. One of which is proper care starting from oiling twice a day to shampooing with a mild cleanser, deep conditioning and more. There are certain equipment too that you can use for healthy hair. These tools are unlike the styling equipment like straightener, curler that we use on our hair every now and then.

Unlike the iron straightening rods and the heat-based roll-ons, the said hair equipment add to our hair health instead of turning them frizzy and stealing the natural shine.

Humidifier for hair

If your hair tends to grow sticky or frizzy with seasonal change, a humidifier is a blessing for you. During the summer months, and winter too, our hair undergoes change thanks to the moisturiser level fluctuations. With a humidifier, you can retain the natural moisturise of your hair regardless of the season. By keeping this by your side, you can also prevent additional breakage given how your hair is supple, strong and moisturised. This product is all the more perfect for those with frizzy scalp issues. 

Electronic scalp massager 

One problem that most when oiling their hair is that it does not reach their roots. Remember, oiling is to strengthen our roots (the scalp) whereas conditioning is to provide hydration to hair. Oil should be the one that penetrates deep down and for those who struggle with it, a scalp massager is a blessing. Plus, with this equipment, one ends up relaxed and chilled out. 

Cordless detangling brush

Looking like Dumbledore with your early morning frizz? Maybe because you forgot to detangle your hair at night and tie them properly in a braid. Detangling is important especially for those with heavy curls. But there are times when even the brushes fail, that’s where this product comes into the picture. Detangling is a healthy hair habit that you must inculcate today itself. 

Thermal cap for hair spa

Getting a spa done every two weeks is recommended but given how pricey it can get, one usually avoids it, right? Well, no more! Give your hair the moisturise and repair it needs by taking a spa at home using a thermal cap. Make it point to purchase a quality product with a certified mark as you are to place it right over your head.  


Though a bit pricey, these products are worth every penny if you are a hair care enthusiast. However, please remember that these equipment are to be used alongside the basic hair regimen like oiling, shampooing and conditioning. You should limit the use of this to specific occasions. 

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