Experts give ‘buy’ tag to these HDFC stocks after breakout. Should you buy? – Mint

Stocks to buy today: Amid short-term positive trend in the market, HDFC stocks — HDFC Bank, HDFC Limited or HDFC Ltd and HDFC Life have given breakout that may trigger fresh buying in these shares. According stock market experts, these stocks are in news because both fundamentals and technical chart pattern of these HDFC stocks are indicating positive upside move in upcoming trade sessions. Experts recommended market investors to buy these HDFC shares when the market opens today.

Giving ‘shares to buy today’ tag to these HDFC stocks Sumeet Bagadia, Executive Director at Choice Broking said, “HDFC Bank, HDFC and HDFC Life has given breakout recently and fresh upside move is expected in these HDFC stocks. After the breakout, these stocks are looking positive in all time horizons. So, one can buy these HDFC stocks as per their time-horizon preference.”

HDFC Bank share price target

Sharing important levels in regard to HDFC Bank shares Sumeet Bagadia of Choice Broking said, “One can buy DHFC bank at current levels for the immediate short-term target of 1525 to 1550 maintaining stop loss at 1460.”

Speaking on HDFC Bank share price outlook Ravi Singhal, Vice Chairman at GCL Securities said, “Above 1500 per stock mark, HDFC Bank shares may become highly bullish and one should hold the counter for the target of 1600 maintaining the trailing stop loss at 1478. Time horizon will be six to nine months for the above mentioned target.”

HDFC Life share price outlook

On his suggestion to investors in regard to HDFC Life share price target Ravi Singhal of GCL Securities said, “HDFC Life has recently given breakout and one can buy the counter around 720 mark for next three month target of 800. However, one must maintain the stop loss at 672.”

HDFC Ltd share price forecast

Ravi Singhal of GCL Securities said that HDFC Ltd share price has given ‘Call Writer’ at 2500 and one can buy HDFC Ltd shares at current market price for next one week target of 2600 to 2640. He advised investors to maintain stop loss at 2470 while taking position in HDFC Ltd stocks.

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