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A take on Kollywood movies that revolve around children

A take on Kollywood movies that revolve around children& 

Stories that are created with children as prime characters are the ones that could cause a great impact on the minds of the audiences. Even a normal story could be conveyed strongly by keeping a child as the protagonist. 

In this era of Tamil cinema, some films have had a child or children as the protagonist. They become the ones that drive the story. Let’s take a look into it and see how Tamil cinema has empowered child artistes to present the best message. 


Movies that revolve around kids, Tamil cinema, Anjali
Anjali is a Tamil drama that released in 1990 directed by Maniratnam. The film has a lot of child artists with Master Tarun, Baby Shruti Vijaykumar, and Baby Shamili playing the lead roles. The film deals with the story of a mentally disabled child and the emotional trauma experienced by her family. The character Anjali papa (Baby Shamili) became very famous in those days. All the children in the film were the soul of the film. Their mental transformations were well captured by Maniratnam, which fetched the movie three National Film Awards and was also chosen as India’s official entry to the Oscars in 1991.


Movies that revolve around kids, Tamil cinema, Pasanga
Pasanga, directed by Pandiraj, had the same kind of essence that Anjali carried but in a different backdrop and with slightly grown-up kids. All the school memories and the silly things that we use to do with our childhood friends during the school days were well-portrayed in this film. The main child artists Kishore DS, Sree Raam, and Pandian were the core of the film. It also showcased the transformation in Jeevanandam’s (Sree Raam) thought process and his perspective of life when something unexpected happens for Anbukkarasu (Kishore DS).

Pasanga 2

Movies that revolve around kids, Tamil cinema, Pasanga-2

Now, this film seems to be like a sequel to Pasanga but it’s really not. If Pasanga was for the kids, this film is for the modern parents out there. Unlike Pasanga, this film is set against the backdrop of modern, busy city life. With a big star like Suriya in the lead, the film speaks about the psychological behaviour of children. It focuses on the issue of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) amongst children. A strong message on parenting was conveyed in this film.

Kaaka Muttai

Movies that revolve around kids, Tamil cinema, Kaaka Muttai
This film silently swept the box office and also bagged recognition at numerous award ceremonies. The film was written, directed, and filmed by M. Manikandan. Jointly produced by Dhanush and Vetrimaaran, it featured newcomers, Vignesh and Ramesh in the lead roles. The film is scripted in a very narrow thread of two little boys from the slums desiring to taste a pizza. Performances by Vignesh and Ramesh hold the root of this film. The movie went on to win two National Awards at the 2015 ceremony, one for Best Children’s Film category and one for the Best Child Artist category (Ramesh and Vignesh).

Thanga Meenkal

Movies that revolve around kids, Tamil cinema,Thanga Meenkal
Thanga Meenkal might attract only a few groups of audience. This film was more of a father-daughter emotional drama but director Ram took the film to another level with his extraordinary storytelling skills and performance. We can’t possibly fail to mention Baby Sadhana’s acting in this film. The film won three prizes at the 61st National Film Awards, which includes the Best Tamil Film Award, Best Child Artist Award for Sadhana, and Best Lyricist for Na. Muthukumar. The miles that a father goes to bring happiness to his little daughter’s face is unimaginable. 

Deiva Thirumagal 

Movies that revolve around kids, Tamil cinema,Deiva Thirumagal
Deiva Thirumagal is yet another father-daughter film but with a variation of the characters. Actor Vikram once again proved his acting skills by performing a mentally challenged adult in this film. Sara Arjun’s performance as Nila is the strength of this movie. The bond between Nila and Krishna (Vikram), as shown in the film, is beyond description.

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