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Goral Gandhi

Goral Gandhi

Infertility is on the rise and today, one in every six couples faces difficulties in getting pregnant. IVF has been giving hopes to thousands of couples worldwide. The advances in the field of reproductive medicine has made treatment options much better and safer. For couples and women who have been struggling to conceive, seeking help as early as possible can help you conceive more easily and faster, says Goral Gandhi, a consultant clinical embryologist with over 25 years of experience in the field. Goral Gandhi is also a leading name in educating and imparting training to other professionals in the field of IVF and infertility.

Dr. Goral Gandhi, a well-known name in the Indian IVF sphere, is a clinical embryologist based in Mumbai. She has made outstanding contributions in the field of In vitro fertilization, reproductive science, ICSI and Vitrification technique over the course of time. Dr. Gandhi has also set up a number of IVF laboratories all across India. Her studies and research works have continued to benefit not only her patients but also her  students from across the globe.

For couples suffering from infertility, Goral Gandhi has become a go-to source for helping them understand their problem and arrive at the right treatment options.“The ability to conceive a baby is something most couples think comes naturally. However, after years of carefully planning their pregnancies, couples are often distressed when things don’t happen quite as per their plan. This is when you should consider other relatively successful options such as IVF or fertility medications,” she says. 

Goral Gandhi, from Global IVF Clinic who has helped thousands of couples achieve their dream of parenthood, gives us some pointers. Start  seeking expert help or a second opinion when:

  • Even after multiple visits to your gynecologists and trying to conceive for more than six months, if you are still failing to identify the reason for not conceiving.
  • When you wish to diagnose your problem of infertility and want to undergo diagnostic and treatment process for infertility or seek IVF as an alternative to natural conception 
  • Your doctor recommends that you seek an expert opinion

When you visit a fertility center, ask a lot of questions and gather as much information as you can about your options. Also, don’t forget to bring in the following during your first visit:

  • Take a copy of your medical records and the previous screening test results 
  • Any queries or pointers that you’ve taken in your earlier clinic visits
  • Prepare a list of specific questions to ask ahead of time
  • If there are tests or treatments you would want to discuss or opt for, don’t hesitate to bring them up during your visit

Being an embryologist, a medical professional but most importantly, a mother herself, Dr Goral Gandhi asserts that IVF and related fertility treatments open up new possibilities, and a renewed hope to couples. “Seeking help for your fertility is a significant decision, and you have a right to all the information and reassurance you need while looking for a second opinion,” she says. 

The presence of expert embryologists like Goral Gandhi in the country has facilitated the delayed motherhood for women. The right technology, combined with the medical skills of embryology and IVF specialists, has transformed assisted reproduction and late pregnancy from a far-fetched dream into a viable prospect.

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