One of the largest producers of rice, dairy, and wheat; India can become an export giant. On the other hand, world superpowers are out of the way fighting with COVID-19. Interestingly, India, being one of the lesser affected countries by the pandemic has the upper hand of sorts.

While the effects of COVID-19 are still severe especially in economic superpowers like Europe and the United States of America. India has started the export of rice, dairy, and other processed foods after being approved by the central government.

In addition to this, with the central government stepping in, India could aim to be the biggest exporter of rice, groundnut, poultry, dairy, and other organic foods also. India has already exported tons of wheat and other grains to Afghanistan, Lebanon, and others on specific demand. Because of this surge in demand, more businessmen and traders of the state will be essential. For these businessmen, the global federation of entrepreneurs (GFE) has started centers in India to work on import-export training and networking. Now, GFE is spreading its wings across the globe. Recently, for one of its online training programs, clients from Bangladesh, Dubai, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, and US joined expressed their interests for future programs. With this GFE has is planning more centers globally.

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