Is the Danish Oscar 2021 winner ‘Another Round’ set for an English remake led by Leonardo DiCaprio? – PINKVILLA

News in the grapevines suggests that the Best International Feature Oscar 2021 winner Another Round might get remade in English with Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead part.

Is the Danish Oscar 2021 winner ‘Another Round’ set for an English remake led by Leonardo DiCaprio?

Oscar 2021 was all about the first-time winners and it would be one of the first in Leonardo DiCaprio’s career if he ends up playing the lead part in the remake of a Danish film titled Another Round that just won the Best International Feature in Oscar 2021. Another Round has been one of the best-reviewed films of the last year starring Mads Mikkelsen in the lead part. He plays the role of a teacher who is feeling the mundane of life and decides to experiment with alcohol for some happenings or mishappenings. 

Leonardo DiCaprio eyed the project and bought it when it premiered at Toronto International Film Festival in 2020. As reported by Deadline, director Thomas Vinterberg got excited about Leonardo playing the character and experimenting with his truths. Leonardo and Jennifer Davisson’s Appian Way, Endeavor Content, and Brad Weston’s Makeready have bought the rights for the English remake of the film which is being looked at as the star vehicle for Leonardo DiCaprio’s ever-so-charming filmography. Reportedly Studiocanal, Jake Gyllenhall, and Universal pictures eyed the rights at the same time.

Reportedly the project deal unfolded quickly around the lead up to the 93rd Academy Awards. The producers have not signed on a writer or a director for the English remake yet but they are moving fast to greenlit the project at the earliest. Leonardo DiCaprio will next be seen in his ambitious collaboration with long-time narrative shaper Martin Scorsese in his much-awaited The Killers of the Flower Moon which also co-stars Robert De Niro.

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