Katy Perry Says She Craves Indian Food During Pregnancy

Pop star Katy Perry, in a recent Facebook live, revealed that she is craving Indian food during her pregnancy.

Pop star Katy Perry, who is currently expecting her first child with actor Orlando Bloom, said that she gets pregnancy cravings for Indian food. In a recent Facebook live, the Teenage Dream singer said she has been craving spicy food.

“Well, in the very beginning it was like give me Indian food or get out of the way. I have never wanted more spice than I do want in my life now. So it’s all about spice, how hot can my mouth get,” she said.

“Everyone talks about cravings when you’re pregnant and for me, I think about cravings but I also think about ‘do I want to risk my life getting that craving?” She further added.

Katy recently released her first single Daisies from her upcoming album. The singer also had her first TV performance of the song on the finale of her show American Idol.

Katy Perry and Pirates of the Caribbean actor Orlando Bloom first got together in 2016. The couple got engaged on February 2019.


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