Open Skies National and International School – The Emergence of New Learning Era

New Delhi, 16. June.2021: The 21st Century marked the presence of a global phenomenon which was the Covid Pandemic. The onset of this pandemic made social distancing compulsory and rules for people. It is difficult to adjust to these new changes in the online medium. One of the main sectors apart from economic which suffered the most was the educational sector. The schools quickly switched to the online mode thus, increasing the difficulty of understanding in students. Various problems like regular attending schools, understanding lessons properly, positive interaction with teachers, and co-curricular activities almost ceased to occur. Slowly students started getting adapted to this new medium, but the issue was still present as the regular touch with their teachers and proper understanding of the lessons were missing.

In this era where education is becoming so much hassle, Open Skies School is taking the best initiative to make education a hassle-free process especially, for the youngsters. Though, parents have complained that many other students in a batch have made it problematic for the child as they fear to ask questions. So, it is ensured by Open Skies School that there would be a limited number of students in each batch so that proper learning and equal attention are ensured to each student. This kind of arrangement will not only boost learning but will be beneficial for the mental health of a child. The monotonous learning methods of just using books have become an outdated version now and children do not take interest in it anymore. Smart books have made it easier for children to learn, and it makes the whole learning process so much fun that they would not ever crib about not going to school. The features of smart textbooks have been chosen as it is the best and the most creative way of grabbing the attention of youngsters and make them interested to learn several things.

When discussed with the majority of parents who got their children enrolled in school just a year ago, one of the concerning issues as they were not updated with the problems that their children face while learning thus, they are not able to work hand in hand with teachers to give them complete education. One of the most genuine issues of parents in school has been that they are not informed about the progress of their kids or the places where they falter. It generally occurs due to less interaction between the teachers and the guardians that will help in the holistic growth of the individual. Even this problem has a solution. Once your child starts schooling in Open Skies School, parents can be tension-free as daily feedback from teachers would be ensured. Teachers would go that extra mile you always wanted for your child’s development. With economic issues becoming the major problem is the price hike in the school fees. School fees are increasing at an alarming rate but, nothing new is added to the curriculum, which justifies the unreasonable hike of the fees. Guardians are facing extreme difficulty as school fees have become very costly and almost unaffordable. In this situation, this educational venture is a boon to all the parents as the school fees here are as low as half of the regular fees. In Open Skies School the classes are online, thus you don’t need to worry about the safety of your kids in this pandemic as they would be with you. Moreover, if you are concerned that sitting at home your child would be missing out on the most important things like extracurricular then you would be surprised to know that, Open Skies School would not let you get disappointed. The importance of co-curricular activities is understood here thus, co-curricular like art and craft and dance would give the utmost importance so that your child will not miss out on anything. Also, the rise of new technology has seen new technologies coming up and, Open Skies School would help your child in the best way possible as they have a lot more than just traditional education to add to your bag. Subjects like Robotics, Coding, App Development, Artificial Intelligence, and Game Development are taught to the students. Thus, in half of the fees, you pay in other schools, you get a much better deal with Open Skies School, as it not only uses the best technology but also ensures that your children are learning effectively and also keeps a note that you will stay updated with the progress of your kid. You can remain in constant touch with the faculties & you don’t even have to worry about paying so many fees without gaining anything extra. These numerous qualities have made Open Skies School one of the best and updated learning places for your kid, while you also share the experience with them.

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