Successful Entrepreneur Who Proves Age is Nothing but a Number

Most young people with good ideas … initially find that 99% of people will give them every reason why their ideas are already done or why it’s not a good idea and they’re going to fall flat on their face. But, in the end, you have to say, ‘Take a risk, or lose the chance’.

A smart young man who used his valuable insights gained while pursuing his hobby of deep passion for technology and business into RVG TECHNOLOGIES known for Software Development, Digital Marketing & Branding”.

He’s a passionate, enthusiastic, analytical, self-motivated, and achievement-oriented professional with strong business acumen and a proven record of profit improvement through planning and implementing strategies.

Also, Rajat Venkatesh came up with a trending idea Influencer Marketing Software, which is The Influence Pro (TIP) that builds a strong brand identity by reaching out to the right audience with right information. The software creates multi-touchpoint, beneficial partnerships between brands, influencers, and content producers. Ultimately results in an engaged consumer audience, increased brand recall, and a higher interest in purchasing your product. 

Rajat Venkatesh believes “Why to say yes to every Learning Opportunities- Because it’s a path to success”. 


  • Venture Development, E-commerce, Business Strategy, Marketing and Market Research, Developing Business Continuity Plans, Start-up Exhibition Attendee, and Technology Enthusiast.

Awards & Achievements

  • Awarded with “Young Achiever of the Year-2020” by St. Mother Theresa Virtual University for Peace and Education.
  • Young Achievers Award 2019
  • Global Now- Covid 19 Warrior Award

Helping Hands

  • Collaborate and support the orphanage, providing financial contributions and education materials.
  • Conducting programs to teach and reinforce safe hygiene practice, first aid, and nutrition through interactive lessons, integrating English language vocabulary.

Importance of having Business Experience

Rajat initially started as a Project Consultant at Akarmaxs Tech Pvt. Ltd. This experience helped him to understand the changing trends and demand in their respective industries.  He spotted a significant flaw in doing business and now has developed a solution with great potential.

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