UNICEF supported oxygen plant saving lives in Gujarat – UNICEF

OGPs strengthening the health system    

A lot of work was required prior to the installation of the OGP. An engineer supported by UNICEF visited the site and provided technical inputs for designing the space for the OGP and guidance for the civil work that had to be undertaken. A site readiness checklist was prepared and a meeting  conducted. After the on-site readiness assessment and a virtual tour facilitated by UNICEF, a certification was provided by the hospital authorities.

Guru Govind Singh government hospital Dean and Medical Superintendents, an official from the district administration, engineers and UNICEF were all present during the OGP installation process. 

“We sincerely thank UNICEF, the District Administration Jamnagar, and donors for the timely supply of the much needed OGP to our medical college hospital to improve the availability of life saving oxygen for COVID-19 patients. This support will help us in addressing the critical gaps in oxygen therapy,” Dr Nandini Desai, Dean MP Shah Medical College said.

The OGP components were dispatched and arrived in Jamnagar on 30 May 2021 following a pre-dispatch inspection. The installation of the plant was initiated the same day. After the dry run was conducted, the OGP became operational from 1 June 2021 supplying oxygen to critical areas of the hospital. The OGP which has an oxygen generation capacity of 280 liters per minute, will supply oxygen to the COVID-19 ward and ICUs. It will also help supply more oxygen to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, the emergency ward, operation theaters and all other oxygen requirements as COVID-19 patients decline.

The plant will be managed by existing hospital staff after the two year warranty period and recurring costs will be managed by the government. This will strengthen the health system longer term in a sustainable manner.

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