Viral photo of woman cooking while on oxygen support triggers debate online – The Indian Express

As India continues to grapple with a second wave of Covid-19, social media platforms have been abuzz with SOS alerts and calls for donations. We’ve seen the power of humanity, with strangers coming forth to held one another. Now, a striking photograph of a woman cooking while on oxygen support has triggered a heated debate online.

The image, which has been circulated widely across platforms, is of a woman cooking in the kitchen while breathing with the help of an oxygen concentrator placed nearby. The photo came with the caption, “Unconditional love = mother. She is never off duty.”

The origins of the photograph remain unclear and questioned over its authenticity have been raised. However, the post has triggered a conversation on women, mothers, and their “duties”.

Many on social media were concerned whether the image was real as going near a gas stove with oxygen is hazardous. Some commented that even if the photograph was staged, the toxic mentality behind the image of glorifying motherhood was sickening. Amid the debate, many shared their own experiences on how it is often difficult to convince mothers to prioritise themselves, especially when they are unwell.

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