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Are you bored with red and green apples? If yes, we have got a new variant that is called Black Diamond Apple, a rare variety from the family of Hua Niu apples, also known as the Chinese Red Delicious. According to a tweet by Christina Persaud @EerieChristine, a writer based in the U.S., this variety is grown in Tibet. Scroll down to know more about this variety of apples.
Why are they black?
According to experts, they have a unique colour because of the geographical region and climatic condition in which they are grown in Nyingchi, a small city in the mountains of Tibet. The region receives excessive ultraviolet light during the day and the temperature fluctuates dramatically at night, which affects the skin of the apple and develops a deep, dark color. While the skin becomes darker, the flesh inside is white and bright like any other apple.

Where to find this variety of apple

Apart from Tibet, you get another variety which is close to Black Diamond Apple in the U.S. and is called the Arkansas Black. According to experts, they are not as sweet as compared to other varieties and need to be stored in darker places to taste good.

Are they easily available?

Sadly, no. They are not easily available in the market and as per a study, about 70 percent of the annual Black Diamond crop doesn’t make it to market. Also, many farmers do not grow this variety because it takes five to eight years to get the fruit, which lasts for only 2 months.

Are they healthy?

They are sweet and crunchy, but when it comes to nutritional value they stand nowhere close to regular apples. While a regular apple offers 4 grams of fiber and contains a flavonoid called epicatechin, which helps in reducing blood pressure, this variety has no such benefits. Moreover, they are very expensive and each apple may cost you between $7- $20!

Thumb Image Courtesy: Twitter/@EerieChristine

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